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So here it is, my year's end show. Hope you enjoy, and here's to a better 2013!
If you live in the San Antonio, TX area, DJ Depraved will be playing a show on Saturday, January 26! Details will come soon, and will be posted to my Facebook page. If you aren't already subscribed to the page show your love and find me!

X Marks the Pedwalk - No!
Code 64 - Stasis (Single Version)
Casm - A Shattered Mind (Mesh Remix)
Necro Facility - Supposed
!Distain - Instructed by the Devil (SD Remix)
Decoded Feedback - It's You
Raindancer - Hope Flickers
Suicidial Romance - We're Wanting More
Angels on Acid - Sacrifice
XP8 - The Wound that Won't Heal (People Theatre Pansement Remix)
God Module - Doppelganger (CD Version)
Pokemon Reaktor - Steam Pressure, Drill, and Kick It
Sonik Foundry - Terra

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