The Requiem Podcast
A home for goths and rivetheads to call their own. Every week (Thursdays) one of the Requiem's DJ's will bring you the most decadent mix they can conjure. Featuring every genre from the underground scene, no one gets left behind! Visit the website for playlists, videos, news and more. Welcome to the Shadows!
Assemblage 23 - Alone Again
Foretaste - My Greatest Deception (Magnified Remix)
Raindancer - Angel
Cortex Defect - Heart of Dust
De/Vision - Bipolar
Gecko Sektor - Mindless Love
Unheilig - Das Leben ist Schoen (Demo Version)
BeRain - Devil (Mental Discipline Remix)
System Syn - The Lesson
Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed (Album Version)
Stromkern - Dammerung (Return)
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